CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 are the ONLY 1 step low alcohol surface disinfectants offering a 1-minute TB kill claim, materials compatibility plus over 20 other organism kill claims. Exceptionally fast end effective, CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 are Metrex’s next generation surface disinfectants. CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 are multi-purpose disinfectant/decontaminant cleaners, can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces and join the current family of CaviCide products including CaviCide and CaviWipes. The new formulation is effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi in 1-minute including TB, Multi-Drug Resistant A. baumannii , ESBL E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae , and many more. When used as directed, the fragrance free CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 will effectively clean and disinfect most surfaces in the clinical environment and can help reduce the risk of cross contamination.

CaviCide1 Surface Disinfectant Ready to Use 24oz Spray Bottle 1 Minute

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